October 21, 2010

new album from 'the moondoggies'

it's out. the much-awaited honest-to-god Tidelands by The Moondoggies. and that indie sound's is giving it a ten (out of ten). they've shed their country infuences of the previous album Dont be a Stranger and have put out a better set of tunes. listen to their music not the critics for this muchly underrated band is coming into their own force. their easy americana harmonies fall into one another seamlessly and make for a great uninterrupted listen.

that indie sound loves the stupendous acoustic tunes of 'It's a Shame, It's a Pity', 'Empress of the North', 'A Lot of People on My Mind' and 'Cant be in the Middle.'

trust me on one thing: this is a band that's only going to get bigger with their music.

the sound:
Kevin Murphy: lead guitar, vocals
Caleb Quick: keyboards
Bobby Terreberry: bass
Carl Dahlen: drums

'it's a shame it's a pity'

'empress of the north'

October 12, 2010

a short post about a tall man

that indie sound is back with the tallest man on earth. he's what's been keeping me busy. sounds naughty neh. but not.

on a serious note, go, people, go, listen to this new-age bluesy bob dylan. he's the best alt-folk we have right now. multi-intrumentalist Kristian Matsson from Sewden has two fantastic albums - Shallow Grave and The Wild Hunt - under his tall hat, and another much-awaited - Sometimes the Blues is Just  a Passing Bird.

The Wild Hunt is a lovely treasure that makes you realise why you fell in love with music in the first place - lucid fingerpicking, to the beauty of the acoustic guitar; it's all there, washing your transgressions clean and just waiting to take you back in.

end of short post. let the tambourine man take over now.

 'King of Spain'

'Pistol Dreams'

'Where do My Bluebirds Fly'