September 26, 2010

reviving rockability: kim lenz and the jaguars

'there's no god, just rock n' roll.' rightly said by pater a long time ago. if you feel even remotely touched by the sentiment then this short post will rock thy boat. 

all those who've come to my place will have seen my shrine to elvis. yeah, yeah it runs in the family. so much so that pater had named our dog, King (god rest his soul),  after the southern rock n' roller. King the german shepherd hadn't been south of the Mississippi and had big shiny shoes to fill. but fill them he did brilliantly - bit our driver four times. once in the rear.

i digress. point is that, the sun's out, the skies blue, the chilled beer flowing and that indie sound was feeling like a bit of rock n roll. so it dug up Kim Lenz and the Jaguars's 2009 album It's All Right.

if you hadn't heard of them before here's what the Rolling Stone said about them:

'If Elvis had been a woman, he probably would have sounded just like Kim Lenz.'

you get the idea. this LA-based, red-haired songstress is on fire in this album. her sassy growls are stronger and the songs, super energetic. songs such as 'Ramblin' Feeling', 'Touch Me', 'Zombie for Your Love', 'Shined Up and Ready to Shout' make you want to get up and dance or maybe just have another drink.

keep that rock n roll alive. 

the sound:
Kim: vocals
Nick Curran: guitarist
Jake Erwin: bassist 
Scotty Tecce: drummer