May 25, 2011

j. roddy walston and the business

i've been listening to j for a while now. but these new songs and old renditions have me stumped. these boys rock.

What’s more important to you – a perfect studio sound, or a raucous live show?

J: Live show for sure music should be live …. recordings are just a bi-product of something real.

nuf said.

an oldie

ponderosa's midnight revival

another big voice and great southern feel with that Hammond organ to put me in the mood. Kalen Bush leads Ponderosa's new album Moonlight Revival with some ass shaking big riffs. there's nothing new about them, just plain ol rock and some good times. look out for the big guitars in 'Devil On My Shoulder'.

May 16, 2011

mount moriah

another gem. Mount Moriah has debuted with their album of the same name. (Mount Moriah take their name from the mountain range in the Book of Genesis; there's something of that old dirge feel to some of their songs. very apt i'd say.) This two piece band, Heather McEntire and Jenks Miller, are rooted in Southern gospel folk tunes rich in organ and pensive guitar riffs. Heather's clear as water voice captures both the melancholy and optimism of the band's songs uncannily.

songs to look out for are the gorgeous 'Lament' and 'Only Way Out'

this is song writing at its best.


'The Letting Go'

'Only Way Out'