September 11, 2011

stephen malkmus and the jicks

When i first heard that Stephen Malkmus was back with a new album, I was fucking curious, being a huge fan. And it's lived up to every twisted musical expectation I had. Mirror Traffic is a cheeky laidback rock and roll Sunday afternoon. At times up-tempo with its soaring guitar solos and catchy pop synth feel, at others a lo-fi gem with a lick of clear-as-water acoustic picking, it's just the sort of album I can turn up till the eardrums cry blue murder and drown myself in to put the shit that goes on outside on mute. Personal favourites include 'Brain Gallop', the bluesy 'All Over Gently', 'Senator', 'Forever 28'. One thing I know, this album will be rocking on my playlist for a long time.