January 26, 2011

delta spirit's history from below

History from Below Delta Spirit's 2010 sophomore album is a dramatic vintagey collection of songs. americana done to perfection, this super Cali band seems to be only getting better. the eleven tracks are well crafted, reflective and have an underlying sense of the spiritual. 

songs to look out for are the opener '9/11', a cheeky political number, which is followed by a rush of electrics in 'Bushwick Blues'. 'White Table' is hymn-like with its percussion, while big drums keep its tempo. the airy open guitars of 'Ransom Man' had TIS hooked for weeks. and last but not the least, the howling electric ballad 'St. Francis' with its rambling harmonica and Matt Vasquez's boozy vocals is a near religious experience.   

'white table'

'bushwick blues'

January 25, 2011

the mynabirds

to start the year with a debut. Laura Burhenn's dusty and beautiful vocals have TIS captivated. What we lose in the fire we gain in the flood is a soulful, brooding country and soul album perfect to go with a teasing glass of whiskey. there's the feel of a great piano banging away to a church choir mixed with a pop song from the nineties and you cant help but replay till it sings itself hoarse in your head.

songs to listen to are 'Let the record go', the expansive 'Numbers don't lie' with its echoing organ, and the lovely 'We made a mountain'.

'numbers don't lie'

The Mynabirds - Numbers Don't Lie (Live at OPB) from opbmusic.org on Vimeo.

'let the record go'

The Mynabirds - Let The Record Go from Saddle Creek on Vimeo.