October 12, 2010

a short post about a tall man

that indie sound is back with the tallest man on earth. he's what's been keeping me busy. sounds naughty neh. but not.

on a serious note, go, people, go, listen to this new-age bluesy bob dylan. he's the best alt-folk we have right now. multi-intrumentalist Kristian Matsson from Sewden has two fantastic albums - Shallow Grave and The Wild Hunt - under his tall hat, and another much-awaited - Sometimes the Blues is Just  a Passing Bird.

The Wild Hunt is a lovely treasure that makes you realise why you fell in love with music in the first place - lucid fingerpicking, to the beauty of the acoustic guitar; it's all there, washing your transgressions clean and just waiting to take you back in.

end of short post. let the tambourine man take over now.

 'King of Spain'

'Pistol Dreams'

'Where do My Bluebirds Fly'