September 9, 2010

chief's modern rituals

this one's for those days when you're good, no great; when you all you need is the day to unfold in unexpected beautiful folds around you.

Chief's full-lenght debut album - Modern Rituals has the unmistakable Californian folk-rock buzz. the boys started their days in Santa Monica, California, then moved to NY (weird how they wrote these impossibly melodious songs in urban NY) for a bit and now they're back in Cali. the quartert's soulfully strummed mellow songs can bring in the long road and the breadth of the Appalachians into a room.

not many have taken to them but that indie sound loves their guitar licks, their end-of-summer lyrics, their warm earth feel, and most importantly, their long hippie hair :)

Modern Rituals gets better with every listen.


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