October 5, 2011

new music

Too lazy for individual posts. Here's a bunch of fantastic music I've been busy with.

Youth Lagoon's Montana, from their new album The Year of Hibernation, stands out like a shell on an early morning beach. And what a gorgeous video it is.

Girls are back with their sophomore album Father, Son, Holy Ghost. They've grown more confident and stylish. My favourite is Die - an absolute sorcher of a track.

The band that started off as a party joke has actually grown into their own right. The Coathangers are back with a new album, and I was actually stumped by a few tracks. One being...

My new favourite girl band - Wild Flag. These girls are as badass as badass can get and go mental when they rock.

Wye Oak. Don't have words enough for how good they are.

Sikiyou's Twigs and Stones

Beirut's back with a new a called The Rip Tide with 9 pensive and stunning tracks.

PJ Harvey's new album Let England Shake is quieter than previous albums but it's got a nice folksy touch to it.

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